"As I was walking down a street reflecting, I heard a voice say... Gratitude Attitude, that moment brought me a feeling of inner peace and I knew it was my duty to share it with the world"
Judy B

After spending 10 years running a successful fashion brand – it was time for me to recharge my batteries with a month in India. Upon my return to Los Angeles, I was filled with love and gratitude. One day, as I was walking down a street reflecting, I heard a voice say… Gratitude Attitude, at that moment … I was overcome with an electric feeling of inner peace and I imagined a world sprinkled with Gratitude Attitude. The words together literally make the change begin, raises our vibrations and brings us to a happier place.

This Gratitude Attitude® life style brand is a reminder of changing our perception and experiencing a joyful life.

Meet our team

The awesomeness behind Gratitude Attitude.

Judy B. Swartz founder Gratitude Attitude Fashion Collection
Judy Swartz

Designer / Creative Director

The brain child of Gratitude Attitude, Judy has been a Creative Director and stylist for everyone from Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to Melissa McCarthy. She is also a closet hippie 😀

Nic Bernard Gratitude Attitude Designer
Nic Bernard


Known for his visually arresting designs, Nic is a literal master of designing all things product, graphic and fashion. Trail mix however is his kryptonite :0

Jessica O'Keefe - Artist, Film Maker, Social Media Maven
Jessica O'Keefe

Artist / Filmmaker / Social Media

Artist, Filmmaker and Social Media maven, Jessica uses her multi-media skills to create beauty and initiate social change in the world. She’s even a published author to boot.

Alex Gerstenzang - Gratitude Attitude Marketing Director
Alex Gerstenzang

Marketing Director

32 years with Target making great things happen since then consulting on over 170 global projects driving excellence and innovation. Cute corporate dude we are unwinding 😉

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